Saturday, March 26, 2011


I ran my first race!!! So much to talk about in this post...Let's get started!
A couple of weeks ago I agreed to run a 5 mile race with a friend of mine (I talked about all that). I'd been training and doing shorter 1-2 mile runs. Then I got sick.... I only got to run once this week before the race! I was incredibly nervous about the race, since I hadn't trained much, so Wednesday night when I got home from work, my hubby says to me, "I've got a surprise for ya!" Um, SWEET! I love surprises! What was it?... Um a map of a 4 mile run we were going to do. Good surprise. I guess. So off we go. There were  soooo many times I said 'I can't run anymore, I'm done!' and of course he tells me I am NOT done and that I CAN do this. --AND I DID!-- So thanks to my wonderful hubby for pushing me.
Now for the race!! I only ran 4 miles the week of so that when I crossed the finish line, it would be the first time in my life that I'd ever run 5 miles outside! Race day details : 26 degrees at start, sunny, VERY windy. The race itself was full of hills, which were a little challenging, but we made it! We had snot dripping from our noses (I know you're saying 'eww!' but it was below freezing!!) and our faces were almost numb, but we finished that race! "L" told me she was going to let me go ahead of her to finish. I think I might've crossed a tenth of a second in front of her--she ran the whole way with me, so I REALLY appreciated that, being my first race! I have no idea what our places were, but our time was 1:13 and some seconds. Impressive, I thought! Anyway, we got bread from Panera, a drinking glass, and some free smoothies!
We took lots of pictures, of course, to remember my very first race! I'm so so excited that I've started this journey, and I can't wait to keep going!!

P.S. I slept 3 hours this afternoon. That 5 miles kicked my booty!!
Lisa & I after our goodies after the race!


  1. SOOOOOOOOOO proud of you, girl!!!! Way to ROCK the RACE!!!!! I can't find the race results posted yet, but when they are - I'm sure they will validate that we were indeed NOT LAST - hooray! Throw the confetti, blow the party horn!!!! You were amazing today. You looked STRONG and comfortable. You looked like you could have either gone 5 more miles or gone 5 min/mile faster. You were amazing!!! Soooo thrilled to have been at your side for your first race. Would LOVE to do more with you (pretty please!). It was a BLAST (minus the wind and hills)! Feel free to steal photos from my blog and I'll shoot you an email of the rest. Congrats again. You'll never forget your first!!!!!!
    p.s. I had no idea you had this blog . . . so excited to know about it now!!!!

  2. LOL You're so great!! I can't think of a better person to run with! You're always inspiring and encouraging! I definitely want to do more races! I think I've FINALLY inspired some friends/fam to do it with me!! Thanks so much again, can't wait for the pics!!

  3. Hi Ashley! Welcome to the blogosphere. Great job on your first race. The bread looks really good!

  4. Just picked up the collage - it's super cute! I matched the title color to your shirt collar - looks great!!!! Will drop it off to your work tomorrow. Enjoy those hot rocks - can't think of anyone who deserves them more than you!! Great job yesterday - you sore today? I'm feeling good!!!

  5. @ Holly-- Thank you so much! Looking forward to the bread!
    @ Lisa-- I totally copied you and made 2 collages w/ my pics, too, so I'll take yours to work tomorrow also!! I cannot tell you how much I'm looking forward to my massage! Surprisingly, I'M NOT SORE! GO US!!